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About Us

Massage / Sports Rehabilitation Therapy is a massage spa serving Buena Park, CA clients. Our goal is to relieve the stress and burdens of our customers with relaxing massages. We vow to put our heart and soul into every individual treatment.


We can provide a deep tissue massage or reflexology massage to those who require relief and relaxation. If you need to recover from a sports strain, treatment from our sports massage therapist will help you heal and get you back to playing.

We’re dedicated to providing excellent service and always ensure you have a relaxing experience every time you visit. Take a break from all your hard work and find the proper treatment. Schedule a hot stone massage with us today!

About Us

Our Services

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Deep Tissue Massage

A deep tissue massage will relieve muscle tension throughout the body. It reaches the deepest layer of muscles to address pain and inflammation and help you feel relaxed. To schedule a relaxing deep tissue or Swedish massage, contact us today.

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Hot Stone Massage

A hot stone massage involves applying hot stones and pressure at critical points along the body while stretching specific muscles. This promotes healing by relieving tension, easing stiffness, and increasing circulation. If you’re looking for an experience that will deliver relaxation and pain relief, make an appointment with our massage therapist in Buena Park, CA, today.



Reflexology relieves pain by stimulating pressure points on the feet, head, and hands. This type of massage therapy helps reduce your stress and heal your body. Get off your feet and head to Massage / Sports Rehabilitation Therapy for a relaxing massage from our reflexologist today.


Sports Massage Therapist

If you play sports, it’s easy to aggravate a muscle. With a sports massage from Massage / Sports Rehabilitation Therapy, we can get you back on the pathway to recovery. Call (714) 398-0129 to schedule a session with our sports massage therapist, and you’ll be back on the field in no time.

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